CHARLOTTE, August 12. 2021—D8 SELTZER, the first hemp derived Delta-8 seltzer to hit the market, is proud to introduce its parent company, Delta Beverages, LLC.

In addition, D8 SELTZER is thrilled to announce its newest mango flavor, along with an improved formula designed to enhance the flavor that makes both mango and lime flavors taste extra crisp and juicy.

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Aside from a more flavorful taste, this boosted formula is proven to be stronger with an improved nano delivery system that allows the consumer to feel the effects much quicker than the previous formula. Additionally, consumers can expect the same great taste and experience in every can thanks to a new, upgraded bottling method.

CEO of D8 SELTZER, Jack Sherrie, is leading a shift in the way hemp and cannabinoid products can be used to promote wellness and bring people together, “We are very excited about the future of our parent company, Delta Beverages, and we are proud to be the first Delta-8 beverage company to release product,” said Sherrie, “There are many new discoveries happening every day in the hemp and cannabis space, and we look forward to utilizing them as we remain in the forefront of this industry.” I have been taking Phentermine for 6 weeks. In the 6 weeks, I stopped eating gluten, dairy, and I started exercising 5-6 days a week


D8 SELTZER is located in Charlotte, NC, providing holistic, hemp-derived products locally and nationally.