D8 Seltzer™ vs Alcohol

It seems like all I am hearing about these days is Delta-8 and why I should try it. Delta-8, also known as Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a U.S. legal hemp-derived molecule that offers the same effects and benefits found in THC marijuana.

As someone who doesn’t like to drink alcohol that much nor has had an edible in years (thanks to a fateful brownie incident in Amsterdam), I was definitely intrigued to give Delta-8 a try. I mean, who wouldn’t want the perfect buzz without a hangover?! — But is D8 Seltzer really better than the other seltzers out there? Does it really give you the same buzz? After doing some research and trying out the THC beverage myself, my definitive answer is YES!

Here are some straightforward Pros and Cons for each seltzer. For the sake of the comparisons, I tested the Delta BeveragesTM D8 Seltzer in the Lime flavor in comparison to an alcoholic seltzer also in a Lime flavor from a large, national alcoholic beverage company. I’ll refer to them as “D8 Seltzer” and “Generic Alcoholic Seltzer”.

NA vs Alcohol

D8 Seltzer


  • Mellow buzz with just one can, two cans being the sweet spot — which means spending less money to feel just as good!
  • Natural flavor that doesn’t taste cloyingly sweet
  • Does not damage my liver or give me heartburn
  • No “comedown”, hangover, or “hangxiety” after drinking a few
  • 0 calories, 0 g of sugar, and 0 g of carbs
  • When shared with friends, everyone is on the same page and remembers all the good times!


  • Harder to find in popular grocery stores and major retailers
  • A little pricier
  • There’s a chance that the THC could appear on a drug test

Generic Alcoholic Seltzer


  • Easier to find in corner stores or grocery stores
  • More popular with a wider variety of options
  • Less societal stigma and/or judgement
  • Slightly more affordable


  • Lingering sugary feeling after you drink it
  • Feeling “icky” a couple hours after drinking
  • Next day hangover and “hangxiety”
  • Negative health effects/liver damage
  • 100 calories, 2 g of sugars, and 2 g of carbs